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Who are Geon?

With nearly 2 decades of experience in the training and recruitment industry, we at Geon are a dedicated and passionate independent training provider.

With access to several streams of government funding, we provide a bespoke training package that supports businesses with their recruitment and upskilling needs

By working closely with employers we can provide a bespoke training and recruitment program that provides you with the highest quality of candidates for your open positions. Using government funding we can also provide your existing staff with the opportunity to both upskill and improve their qualifications and working knowledge.

Unlike some recruitment and training providers, we take the time to get to know your company and your exact requirements.

No two job roles are the same as are no two potential recruits. By working closely together with you, Geon provide a bespoke recruitment package that starts the moment we meet and carries on through our flexible learning program.

We at Geon have set out to build the new standard for recruitment and training.

Pre-Employment, Recruitment and on-going Training

Open to both national and local employers we provide bespoke and tailored recruitment solutions that fit your unique business needs. Not only do we provide a bespoke recruitment package, but we also help you develop employee training through our funded courses so that the workers you hire become as qualified as possible for their new role.

Between our passionate and dedicated recruitment team and your vision for the perfect worker, you can rest assured that your roles are being filled with the best possible recruits. Our recruitment services cover all manner of businesses for all manner of roles including:

  • Business & Administration
  • IT & Digital
  • Customer Services
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Health Care
  • Construction
  • Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Human Resources

Proud To Make A Difference

By working closely with our delivery partners Geon Training are proud to be supporting disadvantaged worker groups who may struggle to find employment for a multitude of reasons. These groups include:

  • Ex-Veterans
  • Women-only groups
  • Sufferers of mental health issues

We at Geon believe that everyone should have the opportunity to find gainful and fulfilling employment, no matter what issues they may have. We are proud to work with employers that are willing to give those in disadvantaged groups a stable platform upon which they can build their skills and qualifications.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

We know that the youth of today are the workforce of tomorrow and as such, they should be given the opportunity to grow and develop into workers you as a business are proud to employ. By working with employers to discover their unique business needs, we can build a recruitment solution that finds you the best recruits possible for your roles. We match our courses directly to your open position to ensure that the apprentice has the very best opportunity possible for their development. All development plans are constructed with the business needs at their heart so that the real-world experience and opportunity afforded by the job role is maximised for both the learner and the employer.

Still not sure what you’re looking for?

Found the course you want or unsure as to what else we offer? Get in touch now and one of Geon Training’s experienced team will get back to you.

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