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Who is Geon?

At Geon, We Have Set Out to Build the New Standard For Recruitment and Training.

Who We Are And
What We Do

Who We Are And What We Do

Geon isn’t just another recruitment & training company. We focus on the highest quality service for both candidates and employers. We challenge the stereotypes around what entry-level employment is supposed to be and highlight the issues surrounding unemployment. Everything relates back to promoting training and employment opportunities for anyone who may be struggling, no matter their background, qualifications or circumstances.

We care about building great relationships. We also care about growing our business. But, for us, it’s not just about revenue and sales. We are passionate about recruiting, training, and putting people into work. As a family-run independent training company that not only cares about
clients but actively campaigns for creating opportunities for anyone who needs our help.

This is What Your Journey As a Learner Will Look Like

Our brand personality is fresh, clean, modern, young and caring. We focus on services that do more than just serve a basic function. We empower our learners, and we serve as an invaluable resource for employers.

Step 1

Sign Up For One Of
Our Training Courses

Choose out of a selection of courses to find the best one suited to you. We have courses that cover different sectors such as Digital Marketing, Construction & many more. Once you’ve found the right course for you, fill out the details required and you’re done.

“How do I know what course is best for me?”

You can check out our learner page to see what courses would best suit your needs. Although, you could contact us and we can discuss the best route for yourself.

Step 2

Await A Phone Call From
The Geon Team

Await A Phone Call From The Geon Team

At this point, the team has reviewed your application and verified that we are able to work with you. We will give you a call during our opening hours to discuss your course in more detail and request any further information that we may need.

“What if I miss your call?”

Our team will email you after the initial contact, kindly asking you to give us a call back. If we don’t hear from you, we will attempt to contact you one last time.

Step 3

It's Time For Your Course
To Commence

It's Time For Your Course To Commence

After we have received what we need from you, everything is ready to go. You will receive an email detailing where your course will be held and also the tutor that will be assisting you.

“What do you need from me before I begin the course ?”

We’ll need your right to work document, proof of address, proof of employment/unemployment & In some cases a National Insurance Number is required.

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Team Members

Nadia Scott

Managing Director

Trevor Dudgeon

Finance Director

Cheryl Sutherland

Operations Manager

Rachel Bullerwell

HR  & Compliance Officer

Fahmy Kayira

Digital Marketing

Leo Stuchbury

Business Relationship Manager

Renee Charlton

Internal Quality Manager

Jonathan Stead

Employment Engagement Officer

Shauna Cook

Learner Engagement Advisor

Amie Dudgeon

Learner Engagement Advisor

Brooke Maddock

Learner Engagement Advisor

Still not sure what you're looking for?

Found the course you want or unsure as to what else we offer? Get in touch now and one of Geon Training’s experienced team will get back to you.