The Community Glow Up!

because when we come together, brighter things happen

We believe that people everywhere deserve places to treasure – whether it’s a bench for quiet reflection, a place to grow fresh fruit and veg or an open space to move and play – connecting with nature and feeling the wind beneath your wings has never been more important in helping us feel alive.

What Is It?

We’ve teamed up with a number of like-minded organisations to deliver the Community Glow Up, a programme with no end date or expiry. An initiative that’s here to stay, with an endless list of green space renovation projects for people from all walks of life to get involved with.

This programme will assist those who are economically inactive, at home, and who want to “get back out there”. Learners will receive motivation, inspiration, and most importantly, gain a since of satisfaction and pride due to the responsibility of creating, building, and nurturing a garden.

Our hope is that if we can create a small win for the learner on a community project, this will inspire the confidence to progress into further training and enter the job market as a direct consequence of their community achievements.


Our Pledges of Support:

Sowing & Growing

The Sowing + Growing project is designed to bring communities together and will take place in community garden projects across the North East region.

It requires a participant to support 1 day a week for a total of 5 weeks.

Our first sowing + growing project in the Community Glow Up series is set to go live in Spring 2022 with the revitalisation of the James Cook Hospital Gardens in Middlesbrough, and the refurbished of St Michaels Church and community gardens in Byker, part of the Lighthouse project. Both projects our close to our hearts. James Cook is the first hospital in the North East to prioritise the treatment of mental health through the launch of their new Treat as One Group. Whilst St Michaels church will become the flagship for the Byker community – a place of belonging for families and communities to connect and enjoy local services provided in the beautiful green spaces that surround them.


Programme Objective:
Develop an understanding of what is needed to sow and grow plants, flowers, herbs & trees in order to revive unloved and neglected gardens.

Programme Schedule:
This 5-week programme will focus on well- being, mindfulness and practicing habits of positive thinking. Learners will keep a journal and a photographic portfolio of their activities throughout the programme

Week 1 Project Overview, Intro to Photography & Journaling

Week 2 Developing skills in garden horticulture

Week 3 Sowing and growing techniques

Week 4 Cultivating compost and soils

Week 5 Cultivating herbs

Food & Mood

The Food + Mood project is designed to help people understand the synergy between what you eat and how you feel. Highlighting the importance on health, fitness and how to keep your body in good working order.

It requires a participant to support 2 days a week for a total of 4 weeks.

The Key Themes of our Food & Mood project are that you have the CHOICE to grow any fruit or vegetable, the RESPONSIBILITY to nurture something, as well as looking after yourself, before GIVING BACK by donating grown fruit and veg to the soup kitchen.

Programme Objective:
Develop an understanding of what is needed to produce consumables and the effects nutritional contents of food can have – we are what we eat!

Take these to the table, create good healthy food dishes, discover healthy recipes and find enjoyment and fulfilment in sharing great ideas and great tastes with others.

Week 1 Garden horticulture

Week 2 Understanding how to grow Fruit & Vegetables

Week 3 Understanding cultivating Herbs

Week 4 Developing Cooking Skills


Possible Progression Routes:

On competing the programme participants may want to progress onto further education and gain a higher level qualification within mental health or horticulture. There will also be opportunities for participants to be part of our journey by becoming a Geon Community Project Coach. Here you will work with us to assist in the delivery of future projects.

Strengthening Minds

A healthly mind leads to a healthy life

The Strengthening Minds Project (SMP) strives to end the stigma around mental health illness at work as well as in your personal life to promote mental wellness across the North East.

The Strengthening Minds Project has been developed to support individuals from the top down who are currently experiencing feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

This programme is tailored specifically to your personal needs and experiences. Whether you’re in a high performing role suffering from acute burn out and exhaustion or you currently battle with ongoing mental health struggles that impact your day-to-day, this programme will be the breath of fresh air and helping hand you need to make a positive change – not just for today, but for every day.

We’ll work at your pace to provide you with all the tools and coping strategies needed, all of which can be applied straightaway to lift the dark cloud and start to a see a positive shift in your thought processes and behaviours. 


Why Strengthening Minds?

Through my own personal experience of living with and overcoming mental health related issues, I developed this programme.


I have spent the last 2.5 years researching local statics and the raise of reported mental health conditions in relation to COVID-19. The results are at a record breaking high. Coupled with significant delays in local support services and GPs at capacity, more and more people are being turned away with nothing more than a form of pill to numb the feelings they are experiencing. I simply can’t let this go on, so it is here where the vision and drive for Strengthening Minds across the region was born.



My programme is committed to digging deep and finding the strength within each and every one of us to make a positive change and support ourselves – because if we can’t do it for ourselves who can we do it for? With daily routines to channel new ways of thinking, and identifying how best to stop negative thoughts and emotions in their tracks, you’ll come away with a range of techniques and practices for life.



It’s these techniques and practices that truly saved me, and led me to become a successful entrepreneur. I can honestly say that as a result of strengthening my mind, I now lead a happy, healthy life that fulfils me.


MD at Geon Training Solutions.

Programme Objective:
SMP will introduce individuals to the issues surrounding adult mental health problems relevant to the current climate.

It will develop an individual’s understanding of how our brain processes emotions and information.
As a result, participants will have a greater understanding of their own mental health issues and be given bespoke coping strategies that will help them identify their own triggers and the best ways to eliminate them.

Programme Schedule:

This project will support individuals in a number of ways including group sessions, 1-2-1 sessions, both face to face and online workshops.

They will be equipped with activities and techniques to practice at home and will keep a diary log to document their journey. With unlimited access to a library of toolkits and activities along with a number of relevant CPD courses they can choose how best to support their self-development throughout the programme.

Following an initial assessment prior to individuals starting the programme, we will identify what condition or acute episode they are experiencing in order to tailor their learning accordingly.


Key Themes: Acknowledge, Accept and Acheive.

SMP advocates the education of positive phycology, spiritual guidance, training, forming new habits and thinking strategies, goal setting, advocacy acceptance, community-based partnerships programmes, and working in the communities to reconnect individuals and families.

Big things start small

We want the Community Glow Up to connect individuals to their local communities. For people to start feeling the benefits of mental freedom and the effects a positive mindset can have on an individual’s future to enable them to further their education and skills.

The strategies and activities that they will learn throughout these programmes will be benefit them throughout their life and contribute to a brighter future for all.

Want to get involved?

Whether you’re an aspiring individual or an Employer keen to promote volunteerism to your teams, the Community Glow Up is here for you. Contact us to find out more about our latest initiatives.