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Level 2 Award in Prevention and Control of Infection

About the course

Infection prevention and control practices are important now more than ever. There are many different germs and infections inside and outside of the healthcare setting. Despite the variety of viruses and bacteria, germs spread from person to person through a common series of events. Our Level 2 Award in Prevention and Control of Infection is designed to help people prevent germs from infecting more people by “breaking the chain of infection”. Think of each part of the infection process as a separate “link” in the chain. And if we can break a link at any part of the chain, we can prevent infection arising.

This certification will strengthen a learner’s knowledge on how to interrupt this “chain” at any link to prevent the spread of infection.

A scenario in which this course is valuable is if a learner finds themselves in a situation where they have to educate someone on the importance of washing our hands, sanitizing our workspaces, and possibly wearing PPE gear. While it goes without saying, washing our hands is critical in our current climate because this simple act is one small way we can contribute to the bigger picture of “breaking the chain of infection”. Also, sanitizing our workspaces and wearing PPE gear when needed will further “break the chain of infection”. This course is extremely valuable in understanding how we can do our part to reduce the spread of infection and equips us with the knowledge to educate others.


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