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Level 2 Certificate Lean Management Techniques

About the course

This qualification is a powerful resource for any learner because it aims to improve and support business performance to ensure a customer gets what they want at the right price. Lean Management techniques can be applied to all sectors because it takes a look at 7 types of processes in a business that creates waste and decreases business performance. Waste isn’t defined as just rubbish! Some examples of waste in a business environment include customer wait time, employee downtime, excess inventory of products, or high transportation costs.

This certification will strengthen an individual’s overall understanding of what’s added value to their customer and identifying steps along the process from start to finish where waste has been created, and ultimately improving on these processes.

A great example of where Lean Management Techniques have been implemented is Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime customers know that if they want a product in 1 day, all they have to do is order their product online, and the next day it’s at their doorstep. It’s like magic! While this appears seamless to the customer there is a well-oiled process that is happening behind the scenes to ensure the product is in stock and arrives when the customer wants it. Are you ready to be a stand out employee in your role? Enrol in the Level 2 Certificate Lean Management Techniques today!


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