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Level 2 Certificate Mental Health Awareness

About the course 

Good mental health is the foundation of our lives; it propels us to thrive. Poor mental health is a burden on individuals, families, and communities in the North East. For this reason, the Mental Health Awareness Course is one of the most versatile courses we offer because the tools and knowledge that our learners acquire transcend all facets of business and personal.

This certification will develop a learner’s awareness to help support others or themselves with varying levels of mental health.

A scenario in which this course is valuable is where a person loses their job and has to manage how this affects each area of their life. The loss of a job can create stress in a family due to a lack of finances, loss of confidence, and a decline in self-esteem. This course gives learners the tools to manage this situation well and recognize when the symptoms of poor mental health begin to present in themselves and others.


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