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Recruiting And Training During and Post COVID-19. Why Using An Agency Is Still A Good Idea

Now we are coming to the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 lockdown businesses are starting to return to their offices and furloughed staff are coming back to work. Unfortunately for some businesses staff numbers were reduced for a number of economical factors and there are now businesses without staff and workers without jobs. As the country plans to get its economy on track both of these groups need to be matched up if we are to get back to normal and bring unemployment back down again.

So how does a recruitment and training agency help fill this role?

Taking the strain

For those who have taken part in the process in the past, they will know that recruitment can be along and arduous journey that may or may not end up with a positive result. And now with more and more admin building up within companies and work to be done, recruitment can eat into this time very quickly.

The large number of roles across the UK that are likely to open up also come with a large number of workers who are desperate to find work once again as well. Sorting through these workers will take time, patience and dedication to find the best people for the available roles. This is where a recruitment agency can help.

By taking the strain of recruiting and finding suitable candidates away from businesses that need to focus elsewhere, agencies provide much-needed relief for businesses trying to get back to normal once again.

Matching skills to roles

With the potential for hundreds if not thousands of more people now applying to new roles across the UK, Sifting through the numbers to find the best candidates is going to be even harder than before. A dedicated recruitment and training company like Geon is able to take that strain and sift through the volume of applicants in order to find the best workers for your business. 

Recruitment is always going to be a difficult job when trying to find the right candidates. But now more than ever, when dedicated and skilled staff are going to be required and out-of-work people need to find jobs, matching these skills to roles is going to become a much longer and more arduous task.

Upskilling for return to work

With the kinds of courses offered by Geon, now is the time to be improving and updating your CV with new skills. If you are now out of work, improving your education through a funded course is a great way to make yourself more marketable when you apply to new roles. It is a great way to help enact a change in industry if you plan on moving into a new job type or position in the future. 

If you have staff returning to work, providing them with new skills will be a good solution to fill any skills gaps you may have identified post-COVID-19. Moving into the future, ensuring that your skills and abilities are valuable to your company is the best way to keep your self high on the list for job retention. 

Moving forward

Recruitment can be difficult and right now it is going to be critical for companies to be able to ramp up production as we take steps to get back to normal. If your business is faced with the task of filling empty roles or if you wish to upskill yourself to get back into the workforce then reach out and speak to a recruitment and training agency that understands your problems. Here at Geon Training, we are more than happy to speak to you and to see how our dedicated team can take the strain away from you. You can contact us here

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